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'Why can't you get it up?'

DEFINITION: n., A Christmas tree, ornament or caroler that, no matter how it is tied, tethered and tilted, refuses to stay upright. v., To be so full of Christmas cheer that you simply sparkle, twinkle and tip over.

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Created by: dochanne

Pronunciation: Yule-een

Sentence: With merry songsters crouding tight, festive tinsel left and right, the christmas spirit shining bright, well lit by festive table-lights. Mulled wine and eggnog warm and sweet, keeps blood flowing to your feet, but if you much indulge, you'll bulge, and droop with festive meats and treats. You'll cant, careen, recline and lean. In festive repose, you'll be yulean.

Etymology: Yule - of the older Yuletide solstice celebration now encumbered with modern chrisisitudes. Lean - to share one's weight with an object or person, cant, careen or recline. Herculean - descriptive of the large amount of effort put into festoonery, jollity and family gatherings at christmas. Elan - impetuous ardour, like that demonstrated by over-eggnogged carollers and others similarly afflicted with Yulean droopishness.


You live, Yulean :-) - emdeejay, 2008-12-15: 02:51:00


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Created by: xirtam

Pronunciation: awr-nuh-ree-muh nt

Sentence: Sometimes you just don't want to deal with those orneryments. First you can't find the hooks, then the loop that the hooks attach to come out. Once you find the perfect spot, it's too heavy for the branch.

Etymology: Ornery: stubborn. + Ornament: an accessory, article, or detail used to beautify the appearance of something to which it is added or of which it is a part.

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Created by: Ismelstar

Pronunciation: [krip-uhld dik-ee]

Sentence: Our little apartment was blessed with high ceilings, meaning the tall, skinny eight-foot Christmas tree we lugged up four flights would be just perfect. Unfortunately, the slender, protruding crown crippledickied as soon as it was topped with our 3 lb star.

Etymology: A mash up of 'crippled', anything that is impaired or flawed and 'dickey', a contraction of doohickey, meaning a gadget, dingus, or thingumbob.


Cute word and story - Nosila, 2008-12-15: 19:55:00

metrohumanx Hahaha. good one. - metrohumanx, 2008-12-17: 01:05:00

Fantastic - OZZIEBOB, 2008-12-17: 04:06:00


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Created by: logarithm

Pronunciation: tIlt-tIn-sEl

Sentence: Our Christmas tree last year was a tiltinsel that we jokingly called it a gay Christmas tree for it just wouldn't stand up straight.

Etymology: 1) Tilt: to lean on one side or in one direction; be or become inclined or slanted. 2) Tinsel: a glittering material with a metallic appearance that is produced in strips, sheets, or the like and used for its decorative effect, esp. at Christmas.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: YOOL-uhs-droop

Sentence: It was a sad case of yulersdroop as Bob's Christmas tree lay limp, in the sagging silence of the night, in a gloomy, groggy mistlethroe of dejected detumescence

Etymology: Yule, n. [OE. yol, [yogh]ol, AS. ge['o]l; akin to ge['o]la December or January, Icel. j[=o]l Yule, Ylir the name of a winter month, Sw. jul Christmas, Dan. juul, Goth. jiuleis November or December. Cf. Jolly.] Christmas or Christmastide; the feast of the Nativity of our Savior. Anglo-Saxons' name for a two-month midwinter season corresponding to Roman December and January. DROOP: sagging, sinking, bending, hanging down, as fro weakness or lack of support.


sad indeed - perhaps a little gin in the water dish would perk it up - Jabberwocky, 2008-12-15: 11:45:00

It was pining for the fjords of Norway. - Nosila, 2008-12-15: 19:57:00

metrohumanx Finland Finland Finland- The country where I long to be..... - metrohumanx, 2008-12-16: 19:35:00


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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /slahn'-tuh-kawzd/

Sentence: The Christmas tree was hopelessly slantacaused, looking like it was about to fallalalala, but we soon had bigger problems to worry about when Uncle Frank suddenly swooned, hiccupped, and dropped like a missletoe, cracking his Eggnoggin on the mantel.

Etymology: slant - at an oblique angle; aslant (from Middle English, slenten) + Santa-claus (from Dutch, Sinterklaas) + cause[d] - the reason for a condition or result (from Latin, causa)


Perhaps Uncle Frank, after the knock on his 'eggnoggin' will get mental blocks for Christmas! Good word and, as always, thorough etymology! - OZZIEBOB, 2007-12-10: 05:06:00


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Created by: emdeejay

Pronunciation: cheer lappy dated

Sentence: Try as they might, Jenny and James could not get the old tree to stand upright. It had seen them through many a festive season, but it was time to retire the cheerlapidated old thing.

Etymology: Cheer: as in, Christmas Cheer. Delapidated: run down, worn out, etc.


Beauty Newk. - OZZIEBOB, 2008-12-17: 04:07:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: evərlēn

Sentence: Horace is no good at picking Christmas trees. No matter how good it looked in the lot, every tree he took home was an everlean. Somewhere between the tree lot and home the trunk would develop a bend. A few years ago he thought he could dupe the fates by buying an artificial tree. No such luck. Somehow it was damaged in transit and it too refused to stand upright.

Etymology: ever (at all times; always)+ lean (be in or move into a sloping position)


But my dad's name isn't Horace. He was also great at finding trees with major bare spots. - wayoffcenter, 2008-12-15: 04:49:00

Nice one! My vote #1 for you. - logarithm, 2008-12-15: 09:34:00

Nice - OZZIEBOB, 2008-12-17: 04:06:00


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Created by: jermainechambers44

Pronunciation: e-rec-tree-dis-funk-tion

Sentence: Although those little blue pills solved his little problem,they had nothing to deal with the erectreedisfuntion that plagued the tree decorating party for years.

Etymology: Erect-(to stand staight up)+Tree-(large plant life form)+Dysfuntion-(to not work properly)

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Created by: YellForNoReason

Pronunciation: Hah-luh-drunk

Sentence: -"That twig of a Christmas tree looks like it's trying to hold up way too many ornaments. They're weighing it down with holiday cheer." -"Yeah, maybe too much holiday cheer. This tree is totally holidrunk."

Etymology: Holiday+Drunk

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