Verboticism: Discombobulage

'Do you think she is overreacting to our surprise party?'

DEFINITION: n., The shock and embarrassment felt after innocently implying that you are much younger, only to discover that everyone actually knows how old you really are. v., To be embarrassed when caught lying about your age.

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Created by: dochanne

Pronunciation: Dis com bob you lage

Sentence: When Helen opened the door she was pleasantly surprised to find her friends waiting with a cake, until her eye caught the smirk on Jame's face and her joy turned to discombobulage: was that a "40" candle?

Etymology: Discombobulate: to upset, fluster or distress Age: how many trips around the sun one has lived through

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Comments: Discombobulage

emdeejay - 2008-12-01: 02:55:00
Don't I know you from somewhere ?

dochanne - 2008-12-04: 13:06:00
That sounds like a pick-up line :)