Verboticism: Leftovolution

'Help! There's something in the fridge!'

DEFINITION: n., Mutated leftovers which, unattended inside an evil-minded fridge, have transformed themselves into an extremely odorous, alternate life form. v., To save food past it's freshness date and watch it grow into something new.

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Created by: dochanne

Pronunciation: Left-o-volution

Sentence: Jane was always tired and overworked, leaving take out dinner remnants and other food detritus to populate her fridge, until one day it happened: the slime layer had undergone leftovolution and acquired motile capacity. She felt a strange sense of ownership, or responsibility for this fresh new life, and regretted the thought of using bleach.

Etymology: Left-over: food not eaten and saved for later. Evolution: the development of more adaptive traits through a process of natural selection.

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Comments: Leftovolution

metrohumanx - 2008-12-01: 00:27:00
Great word! Creepy story.

emdeejay - 2008-12-01: 03:03:00
And then there were four! It's an Australian invasion :-)

Nosila - 2008-12-01: 22:16:00
Good word...Viva La Leftovolution!

Mustang - 2008-12-02: 06:09:00