Verboticism: Memecry

'I wish this dress didn't make me look so fat...'

DEFINITION: v. To seek compliments and/or support by insulting oneself or by complaining about the difficulty of one's life. n. A person who uses self-deprecation as flattery bait.

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Created by: dochanne

Pronunciation: Me me cry

Sentence: Gemma dreaded this part, the part of the evening when some idiot asked Joanne how she was. There was almost an audible pause in the hubbub of conversation in the room as the collective consciousness of those present registered the newcomers' error. And there was the indrawing of breath before the compliment-begging whine, how bad she was at her job, how fat she felt, how hard-done-by she was by all those people who took advantage of her sooo generous nature. It was not long before the party moved onto the balcony despite the cold outside. "Right, if he does that again, nobody invite that guy to the christmas party." said David, joining Gemma at the railing. "Nevermind him, why don't we just not invite the source of all that memecry?"

Etymology: Me, me it's all about ME! My life is so terrible and no-body loves me, if someone doesn't compliment me I think I'll cry! Mimicry - pretense or acting to benefit onesself; "playing" the victim..

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Comments: Memecry

Nosila - 2008-12-11: 02:16:00
ME-arvellous word. EconoMEcal and ME-ticulous.

emdeejay - 2008-12-11: 02:43:00
I like how Gemma is carrying the self-deprecation meme. Good one, Doc ;-)