Verboticism: Scrapulator

'I wonder who keeps leaving these empties in the fridge'

DEFINITION: v. To leave a minute quantity of something in a bottle or container. n. A person who never finishes off the last bit of milk, mustard or whatever, because they want to leave the job of replacing it to someone else.

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Created by: emdeejay

Pronunciation: Scrap you later

Sentence: Luke was one of those people who would actually create work for himself procrastinating over household chores. Finding a condiment vessel in his pantry that had any more than a scrap of contents was nigh on impossible. When Sally went looking for Vegemite and found not one but seven almost empty jars she exclaimed "Luke! When *will* you scrap all this detritus?" To which Luke replied "Oh, I'll do it later". And thus his nickname was born.

Etymology: The mindset of the scrapulator: eh, I'll scrap you later

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Comments: Scrapulator

Jabberwocky - 2009-05-14: 14:42:00

dochanne - 2009-05-15: 04:17:00
Also the detritus being 'scrap' and the person being one who scraps.. leaving them all over.