Verboticism: Echolocution

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DEFINITION: v. To unconsciously adopt the vocal mannerisms and linguistic stylings of the people with whom you are speaking. n. A speaker who adopts the vocal mannerisms of their audience.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: EK oh lo koo shun

Sentence: Whenever he could, he would echolocution with his young grandchildren, in an effort to gain their acceptance. Talking with them lead to texting with them, using their own special brand of lingo.

Etymology: From: echo and locution.

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Comments: Echolocution

Nosila - 2009-10-06: 18:08:00
Echological thinking...

mweinmann - 2009-10-07: 08:19:00

artr - 2009-10-07: 11:30:00
Always been a bit confused about the use of locution and elocution