Verboticism: Unenthuscious

'Mommy, is Daddy playing dead again?'

DEFINITION: v. To be physically overcome by a sudden illness, disability, or even death when asked to participate in unrewarding activities -- like work, or household chores. n. A person who gets sick when asked to work.

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Created by: bilbo7369




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Created by: littleguybrush

Pronunciation: con-veen-o-death

Sentence: Dad pulled a convenodeath when asked to do the dishes.

Etymology: convenient plus death

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Created by: lauramy

Pronunciation: sahy-koh-suh-muh-void-ns

Sentence: Every time he has to clean his room he gets a case of phychosomavoidance.

Etymology: psycho -- of the mind soma -- of the body avoidance -- the act of delaying

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Created by: memexikon

Pronunciation: cowch huz bund

Sentence: The couchhusband felt no guilt as the years passed & the dishes were washed without him.

Etymology: couch + husband

COMMENTS: - memexikon, 2006-12-13: 23:52:00


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Created by: chale


Sentence: My dad fell slackpawed to the floor when he saw the vacuum cleaner.


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Created by: ahwinters

Pronunciation: res + pons + ih + bill + ih + tee + eye + tiss

Sentence: Bill was rushed to the hospital when his responsibilityitis flared up; at least he didn't have to take the girls shopping.

Etymology: responsibility + itis

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Created by: verbatul

Pronunciation: Muh-laze

Sentence: The quick, brown fox jumped over the malazin' dog

Etymology: Malaise + Laze

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Created by: Adamson

Pronunciation: fux-ing

Sentence: My dad is fuxing all day, never does a thing.

Etymology: fox (crafty as a)

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Created by: missparaguay1991

Pronunciation: /dismotionable/ like in english

Sentence: I yesterday asked my husband to built the furniture we bought, and he became absolutely dismotionable! -Is your new boyfriend dismotionable? -Not dismotionable at all!

Etymology: dismotionable (adj.) dis- from English 'disable' + motion- from O.French 'motion, from Latin 'motionem' + -able- siffix expressing fitness from Latin 'ibilis'

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Created by: MrOliver


Sentence: Tracy's acute nowantism prevented her from washing the dishes.


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