Verboticism: Dreadtuate

'Santa won't come unless you clean up your desk!'

DEFINITION: v. To inspire and motivate people to do great things, by issuing petty threats. n. A kind and gentle threat.

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Created by: Lyokia

Pronunciation: Ver-bu-salasity

Sentence: She used her favorite verbusality to get her kid to do her bidding.

Etymology: verbal-abuse

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Created by: memexikon

Pronunciation: l tru may tum

Sentence: The liberals continue to deliver strong altrumatums to the White House.

Etymology: altrumism + ultimatum

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Created by: microwavedboy

Pronunciation: Threat-i-va-shun-al

Sentence: My mother and her endless threativational speeches kept my room, heart, and mind clean.

Etymology: I really can foresee threativational posters on people's cubicle walls in the future.

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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: nag-whip

Sentence: Betty nagwhipped everyone in the office to do her bidding.

Etymology: nag + whipped

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Created by: darlingdiva

Pronunciation: a-mel-ior-bate


Etymology: Taken from "ameliorate"--to make a situation better or more tolerable, and "bait"--to entice, especially by trickery or strategy.

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Created by: Fenners


Sentence: Please portentuate me!


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Created by: librarian

Pronunciation: un'-fi-threat

Sentence: If you don't cure cancer, I won't do the dishes!

Etymology: unifit + threat as in the threat does not fit the required result.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /in-'ti-m&-"nag/

Sentence: Aunt Petunia never figured out that her nephews just didn't enjoy brussel sprouts the way she did, and so her threats to not cook any came across more as intiminagging.

Etymology: from intimidate + nag

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Created by: TwoSheds


Sentence: I often parenlietivate, it's good for my kids

Etymology: Parent+lie+motivate

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Created by: wiccanfey

Pronunciation: Lame-threat-ta-vay-tion

Sentence: Molly always used the lametheativation that if Rudolph didn't eat his carrots his nose would turn black.

Etymology: Lame, threat, motivation

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