Verboticism: Deniaphile

'Are you sure that you don't have athlete's foot?'

DEFINITION: v. To have a medical condition or illness and yet continually deny it, even after your doctor has diagnosed it. n. A person who steadfastly refuses to accept a medical diagnosis or to follow the prescribed treatment.

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Created by: arrrteest

Pronunciation: dee-nie-al-file

Sentence: Here rests Bill, He'll be here a while It was a heart attack You dumb deniaphile.

Etymology: denial + phile

Points: 815

Comments: Deniaphile

Jamagra - 2008-04-09: 09:31:00
Love that epitaph! Nice work.

OZZIEBOB - 2008-04-09: 20:54:00
Sad tale of poor Bill. Nice work!