Verboticism: Procrastinfector

'Are you sure that you don't have athlete's foot?'

DEFINITION: v. To have a medical condition or illness and yet continually deny it, even after your doctor has diagnosed it. n. A person who steadfastly refuses to accept a medical diagnosis or to follow the prescribed treatment.

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Created by: queenjane75

Pronunciation: pro-crass-tin-fek-tour

Sentence: Three-fifths of the Varsity Footballers in our high school are procratinfectors, having convinced themselves that the itch "down there" is just dry skin. It sure is strange that Marla has the same itch.

Etymology: procrastinator+infected

Points: 749

Comments: Procrastinfector

queenjane75 - 2008-04-09: 19:35:00
i love the look on the dude's face in the cartoon!

Nosila - 2008-04-09: 19:53:00
Yes, he looks like a fungi...