Verboticism: Compidiocy

'I guess I'll have one more...'

DEFINITION: v. To make the same mistake over and over again even though you know it's stupid. n. A compulsively repeated mistake.

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Created by: Katoch

Pronunciation: com-PID-iocy

Sentence: With the police edging towards him and his friends, the pre-teen downed the alcohol as an act of compidiocy to hide the evidence.

Etymology: compulsive: Compelling: Enforces a need to take urgent action, usually an irational one. idiocy: Stupidity: Willful ignorance or unintelligence. Inacted together to form the somewhat cringeworthy yet humourous act of compidiocy.

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Comments: Compidiocy

metrohumanx - 2008-07-31: 00:44:00
Cringeworthy ! Hahahahaha !