Verboticism: Yendeavourage

'I don't think that I can take it!'

DEFINITION: n., The deep feeling of despair, pain, and swelling need for revenge, which occurs when someone thoughtlessly trashes one of your pet projects. v., To cry out at the injustice of it all, especially if it is someone else's fault.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: YEN-dev-Oh-RAGE

Sentence: Bob went into a yendeavourage when Roxie criticised his verboticism.

Etymology: YEN: yearning for something or to do something [syn: hankering, yen] ENDEAVOUR: a purposeful or industrious undertaking & RAGE:Especially, anger accompanied with raving; overmastering wrath; violent anger; fury.

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Comments: Yendeavourage

OZZIEBOB - 2008-11-25: 05:09:00

petaj - 2008-11-25: 06:36:00
I hardly dare leave a comment for fear of verboticritique

silveryaspen - 2008-11-25: 11:20:00
Your word and etymology are so appropriate to the definition! Admire your way with words and envy how vast your vocabulary is! I think this every day, not just today.