Verboticism: Sabotiramisu

'You made that without using a real turkey?'

DEFINITION: v., To leave out an important ingredient when you are sharing a favorite recipe so that no one else can make it taste as good as yours. n., A recipe that is missing one or more key ingredients.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: SAB-uh-TIR-ah-M'-soo

Sentence: Roxie planned to impress Bob's new boss by cooking for him a meal fit for a god. But the evening quickly turned into a noshmare, when Roxie, following the recipe given to her by her best friend, added spam rather than ham to the dish. The anticipated ambrosia became in a minute a shambrosia, but worse was yet to come when she added freshly made toffee rather than strongly brewed coffee to the italian dessert, leaving Roxie to wonder whether she had been the victim of sabotiramisu or simply a case of her own shortsighted "cordon blur".

Etymology: SABOTIRAMISU: Blend of SABOTAGE: any undermining of a cause. & TIRAMISU : The name Tiramisu is Italian and means "pull-me-up" (Tirami su), a reference to the effects of the sugar and espresso, and can be translated figuratively as "pick-me-up" or in this case: "put-me-down". ShAMBROSIA n. blend of sham: trick, hoax, fraud & ambrosia: used of various foods for mortals since 1685. Cognate: shambrosiate vb.

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Comments: Sabotiramisu

petaj - 2008-11-26: 02:39:00
Love the sentence

silveryaspen - 2008-11-26: 03:28:00
All so good ... but cordon blur ... is my favorite for today! (wink/grin)

Jabberwocky - 2008-11-26: 11:22:00

metrohumanx - 2008-11-26: 14:24:00
Hahaha...NOSHMARE!....I initially thought the key was "sabot"...(a thrust-transmitting carrier that positions a missile in a gun barrel or launching tube and that prevents the escape of gas ahead of the missile) Eiter way, it's a great word, O-Bob.