Verboticism: Unigaberate

'You're the only person who ever listens to me...'

DEFINITION: n., An ongoing relationship where one person does all the talking, whining and complaining, and the other just listens quietly and tries to appear sympathetic. v., To participate in a lopsided conversation where one person does all the conversing.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: YOO-nee-GAB-uh-REYT

Sentence: Unigaberated, Roxie's rantipals deserted her one by one until there remained only three still willing to endure her monoprattleral yapathons: her catonic cat, Tib; Ivan her crapnoduliac cockatoo and, of course, her completely lambasted and long suffering companion, Bob.

Etymology: UNIGABERATE: blend of UNI: comb. form meaning "having one only; GAB:to talk or chat idly; chatter & RATE:the action of doing so. RANT + I : to talk foolishly, noisely, rave, harangue & PAL: chum. comrade, associate. 2. CRAPNODULIAC: Slave of "crap" : foolish, exaggerated talk. -based on capnoduliac.

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Comments: Unigaberate

emdeejay - 2008-12-04: 04:56:00
Poor Bob! Sounds great though when pronounced in thick Queenslander :-)

silveryaspen - 2008-12-04: 12:24:00
Excellent - especially fits to the definition.

metrohumanx - 2008-12-04: 16:22:00
GO BOB! The word seems to contain "berate" also...