Verboticism: Festilence

'Why are you vacuuming the Christmas tree?'

DEFINITION: n., 1. A pine needle infestation, common during and after the holiday season. 2. Prickly Christmas guests who will not leave and cannot be cleaned up. v., To fall down during a holiday party and hide under a rug.

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Created by: dochanne

Pronunciation: Fest-y-lence

Sentence: Joe was sick and tired of pulling pine needles out of his socks, tinsel from his jackets and various other christmas detritus from his clothes and furniture. The rug was hopeless, having been unceremoniously rolled up by an intoxicated friend who was himself a vexmastation (vexxing xmas infestation) and who had proceeded to topple the christmas tree and scatter needles, baubles, tinsel and lights asunder. 'Tis the season of festilence', he thought to himself as he vacuumed the rug again.

Etymology: Festive - of the season and the proliferation of easily dispersed and infesting decorations. The mood and wild abandon with which such infesting objects are dispersed and initially ignored. Pestilence - a nuisance or pest, such as the inevitable pine needles, tinsel, baubles, ribbon, cookie crumbs and scraps of wrapping paper that breed when you're not looking and bedeck the house after the christmas hiatus.

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Comments: Festilence

Jabberwocky - 2008-12-18: 14:45:00
love it

OZZIEBOB - 2008-12-19: 04:16:00