Verboticism: Equilibationism

'Please don't eat that stuff in front of me.'

DEFINITION: v., To eat a strictly regulated diet in order to compensate for a complete lack of control when it comes to drinking. n., A smoker and drinker who becomes a vegan in order to "reverse the damage".

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: eh-qui-lie-bay-shen-ism

Sentence: Jen, a strict equilibationist, was a regular at the Salad and Cigar Bar down the street from her office. Each day after work she and her vegan friends would meet during happy hour for organic cocktails, free-range Buffalo Tofu and Celery Crisps.

Etymology: equilibrize: compensate for or counterbalance; make up or adjust for + libation: an alchoholic drink + -ism: a suffix that denotes a distinct system of beliefs, logic or social movement such as vegetarianism, veganism, consumerism, etc.

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