Verboticism: Stinkwrap

'Is this shrink wrapping a new security feature?'

DEFINITION: v. To injure oneself physically, or to be reduced to a state of mental incapacity, when attempting to open shrink-wrapped CDs, DVDs or software. n. Packaging that is painfully difficult to open.

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Created by: libertybelle

Pronunciation: stink- rap

Sentence: After fighting the stinkwrap keeping me from my much sought after Sims game, I finally broke down and chewed the plastic off. I would have been more upset, but I did grow up during hte time when new CDs came in a plastic cage, making it impossible to listen to them before you could get home and cut away the plastic with bolt cutters. That was the 90s version of stinkwrap.

Etymology: stink (as in that stinks to voice displeasure) + shrinkwrap

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Comments: Stinkwrap

Nosila - 2011-04-20: 21:34:00
smelly good...