Verboticism: Pushsuasion

'Santa won't come unless you clean up your desk!'

DEFINITION: v. To inspire and motivate people to do great things, by issuing petty threats. n. A kind and gentle threat.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: push sway shun

Sentence: Every Mother is guilty of using pushsuasion to try and inspire their children to do more. It's a bargaining tactic and right up there with those 2 magic words that inspire awe and compliance: "Or Else", especially at Christmas time.

Etymology: Push (to urge, goad into action;make one's self more successful) & Persuasion (inducement to act by argument or reasoning or entreaty)

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Comments: Pushsuasion

galwaywegian - 2011-12-16: 04:20:00
also works around shove tuesday