Verboticism: Anthrobromorphminion

'Little ax, are you awake?'

DEFINITION: v. To talk to, encourage and advise inanimate objects, in hopes that they will work better. n. A person who talks to their tools, cars, kitchen appliances, furniture, or whatever...

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Created by: Ismelstar

Pronunciation: [an-thruh-broh-mawrf-min-yuhn]

Sentence: Speaking gently, Catalonia anthrobromorphminized the office printer, whispering, "Don't you know what a hurry I'm in? All I want for you to do is print. Print for me O sweet Cannon M882. Print!" "You'll never understand Her like I do," muttered Ralph as he passed them on the way to the water cooler.

Etymology: A mash up of anthropomorphism, bro and minion. To attribution Best Friends Forever characteristics to inanimate objects in order to make them your minion and do your bidding.

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Comments: Anthrobromorphminion

abrakadeborah - 2012-03-07: 14:41:00
WOW, WEE! and I thought I made them long!

abrakadeborah - 2012-03-07: 14:42:00
Say that five times, fast! ;)