Verboticism: Hyperattencroach

'I'll just wait here until you're free.'

DEFINITION: v. To hover near, or directly on top of, a person who is busy doing something else, in order to force them to immediately surrender their full attention. n. A person who invades other people's private spaces and uses the social discomfort to demand attention.

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Created by: DevynAlexanderSkyeHarris

Pronunciation: Hi-Per-A-Ten-Crow-Ch

Sentence: Viifae leaned onto Mutae's shoulder in snuggle-fashion, though Mutae continued his business as best he could. She Continued to rub against him in a very hyperattencroaching manner, urging him to complete his task until he had disband his charge due to her eventually seating herself directly in his lap.

Etymology: Hyper-excessive + Attention-to focus upon + Encroach-invade + Roach-pest that gets in everywhere.

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