Verboticism: Phenomination

'Going where no man has gone before.'

DEFINITION: n. A pop culture entertainment property, which has transcended itself and become a de facto religion with legions of devotees, prescribed rituals and sacred texts. v. To follow a pop culture icon with unquestioning devotion.

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Created by: Clayton

Pronunciation: fi-nom-uh-NEY-shuhn

Sentence: Fans of science fiction may be divided into countless phenominations. Of these, Trekkies may be divided into several hundred thousand subphenominations. Thus concludes my example paragraph.

Etymology: phenomenon + denomination

Points: 878

Comments: Phenomination

purpleartichokes - 2007-06-19: 08:31:00
This may be Number One!

jadenguy - 2007-06-19: 09:04:00
Make it so!

Jabberwocky - 2007-06-19: 11:32:00
great word

Clayton - 2007-06-19: 12:17:00
Thanks, guys!