Verboticism: Hunacceptable

'There's no way a guy with a mono-brow is marrying my daughter!'

DEFINITION: n. A chosen mating partner who is not well-accepted by one's parents. v. To fight with one's parents over the selection of a suitable mate.

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Created by: toadstool57

Pronunciation: hun-ax-cept-able

Sentence: Bob brought his sleezy girlfriend, Jill, home to meet his parents. Bob's mom found her totally hunacceptable calling her a tramp. Bob's dad totally approved saying they need more hot sex crazed females in the family. Hummmmmm, who should Bob listen to???????

Etymology: unacceptable,not satisfactory/hun, slang for honey

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Comments: Hunacceptable

Jabberwocky - 2007-06-22: 10:40:00
Attilla the children all the time 'donta listen to your papa'

mdmquincy - 2007-06-22: 17:56:00
Very cute- I will adopt this word to describe all my dh's hunacceptable behavior.