Stevenson0’s “Delusional” Published in The Toronto Star

Stevenson0’s “Delusional” was picked as one of the top invented words by Toronto Star writer John Sakamoto. With hordes of dealusional Christmas shoppers heading south every weekend to do a little cross-border shopping in Buffalo, there is no doubt that the word dealusional has a particularly special ring in Toronto.

Here’s Stevenson0’s full verbotocism:

Definition: adj., To believe you’re saving money by buying things which are on sale even if you don’t really want or need them. n., A person who believes they are saving their money whenever they buy something on sale.

Pronunciation: dee/loo/shun/al

Sentence: Bart was completely dealusional and continued to stockpile worthless ‘bargains’.

Etymology: deal + delusion

You can ses the story in the The Toronto Star here:

Congratulations Stevenson0!

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