Galwaywegian’s Pesky Paper-cut Word Published in the Toronto Star

Galwaywegian joined the ranks of our published Verbotomists today. His word “Minimaim”, which describes those pesky paper cuts which never seem to heal — as sharply defined by our ever-creative definitionist remistram — was picked as one of the top invented words by Toronto Star writer John Sakamoto. You can see the full story in the Toronto Star here:

The week’s best invented words

And here is Galwaywegian’s complete definition:

'Oh no! I won't be able to type for another week!'


Created by: galwaywegian

Definition: n., A pesky but persistently painful, and seemingly incurable paper cut, or small wound, which simply refuses heal; usually located on a “high use” body part, like a fingertip, knuckle or tongue.

Pronunciation: minn eee maym

Sentence: Her injury was a minimaim (measuring less than 5mm. Any smaller and it would have been classed a micromaim. she hadn’t had one of those since her last mouth ulcer.

Etymology: minimum, maim.

Congratulations Galwaywegian!

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