Johnny Bunko plays Verbotomy with Dan Pink

Johnny Bunko

We spent a week at Verbotomy playing with Dan Pink’s Johnny Bunko and the Six Career Secrets that no one ever told you. It was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot! Like the fact that there is no plan! And that in the long run, persistence trumps talent…

And naturally we created a gaggle of funny words to describe the things we should, and the things we shouldn’t do, acccording to the Johnny Bunko Lessons. At the end of the week Petaj and Arrrteest snagged the top spots and both of them won an autographed copy of Dan’s book.

If you want, you can still play with Verbotomy with Johnny. Check out our Johnny Bunko Summary Page. It’s loaded with the links to all the Johnny Bunko definitions, comics and invented words. And if you’re inspired, maybe you’ll create a few new words to describe your career.

Thanks again to Dan Pink.

Be creative,