Verbotomy gets in bed with Sex and the City

Attention all female Verbotomists:

It has come to my attention that the most men do not get “Sex and the City“, the once popular TV Series which is just been release as “major” Hollywood extravaganza. I am hoping that perhaps, this is just an education problem. And in an effort to address this knowledge gap, I am proposing we engage ourselves in a Sex and the City Week here at Verbotomy starting on Monday June 2, 2008. That is why I am sending out this emergency call for Sex and the City definitions.

Submit your Sex and The City Definition…

Please start sending in your definitions today, because I have no clue what to do…

Of course if any male verbotomists feel inclined to participate in this creative extravaganza, I have included this instructional video, titled “Sixes and the City“, which gives a quick overview of the whole Sex and the City phenomenon.

Please watch this official video:

I eagerly await and anticipate your missives.

Your humble creative servant

~ James

5 thoughts on “Verbotomy gets in bed with Sex and the City”

  1. Oddly, I have never watched it either, but there is soooo much hype about it due to the movie release that you kind of learn a lot about it through osmosis!

  2. I must say I have during this last week I have learned “more than I ever wanted to know” about Sex and the City… And tonight, my better half is dragging me to the the movie. Omigod! Style never be the same!

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