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Proposed Definitions:

DEFINITION: Sprincter (Spring-ter) - A person making an ass of themselves who have to jump up, jump into a conversation when they are not invited
CREATED BY: Frank - 2022-07-01

DEFINITION: To not untie a nautical knot, per a Captain’s request (verb)
CREATED BY: Bionica - 2021-08-15

DEFINITION: While doing something with such grace you have to bring your destiny into the trysum
CREATED BY: Bout Tyme - 2020-12-19

DEFINITION: exogerate (ecks-ohg-ur-ate) - to diminish guilt or anger by jogging on a random route with no set destination and no sure guarentee of return.
CREATED BY: Rich - 2020-02-08

DEFINITION: Pee-ritated. Similar to Hangry. When you find yourself really curt with everyone around you because you had a Venti Starbucks latte not too long ago
CREATED BY: Foiled - 2018-08-14

DEFINITION: placing a fake bulge in a mans pants to create the illusion of size.
CREATED BY: jackstraw - 2018-05-16

DEFINITION: telling someone that it looks like they gained weight when it actually does not appear that way.
CREATED BY: jackstraw - 2018-05-16

DEFINITION: pretending a baby is cute when it really is not.
CREATED BY: jackstraw - 2018-05-16

DEFINITION: being stuck behind people at a convenience store who are getting scratch off tickets.
CREATED BY: jackstraw - 2018-05-16

DEFINITION: a person that does not courtesy flush in public restrooms.
CREATED BY: jackstraw - 2018-05-16


'So what do you think of my snake?'

DEFINITION: v. To pretend that you adore someone's pet even though it is annoyingly stupid, bizarrely threatening, or just plain stinky. n. A alarming pet or companion, which nevertheless requires fawning.

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