Verbotoweek: May I have a word with you?

Stevenson0 takes the top word and the Cup

Stevenson0 took the top poll position this week with an extremely set of strong verboticisms. We can only hope that these brilliant words reflect his creative ingenuity, rather than his own personal circumstances. Because, if he suffers from constant ruminesia and the occasional bout of dentritis, he is bound to lieandeny any acclaim with a stream of fiduddles. But let’s not get too actstatic, because there is no doubt that he will be thrilled to acquire, a highly coveted, one-of-a-kind, Verbotomy Cup.

Congratulations to rikboyee and Jabberwocky for taking the second and third positions. It was close – very close! And congraulations to everyone for a very creative week. Great words all round!

See the final results here:

Verbotoweek In Review:

Monday’s lost thoughts struck a chord with me as I disconthinkcue, ponderror, braindrop, blinkling my way through life and just generally suffer from ruminesia. Tuesday was a farg day, filled with many blugger people who are total blixits. As a result, my language was full of fiduddles, merdededieux, phits and fudgemuffins. Wednesday’s topic was front page news world wide with Tour de France athletes, instead of the usual denyitol, defibulation, prescriptstun, were now decrying their aghrasst, jabbergasted and pharmapologia behaviour. Thursday and Friday’s nightmarish and embarrisshun situations of teeth and peer pressure was a fretend of angush gungfaux perfadiousness of passionvictims with various cases of dentritis, munchgrins, embarrasites, partickles, and evidents.

Our evolving language would be better off with the daily inclusion of any of the above words from our very creative Verbotimists.

Top Ten Verboticisms of the Week:

  1. Dentritis Created by: Stevenson0
  2. Denyitol Created by: wordmeister
  3. Ruminesia Created by: Stevenson0
  4. Blunderstruck Created by: rikboyee
  5. Blinkling Created by: Jabberwocky
  6. Shamthusiasm Created by: rikboyee
  7. Simuelate Created by: purpleartichokes
  8. Aghrasst Created by: Jabberwocky
  9. Embarrasites Created by: rikboyee
  10. Jabbergasted Created by: rikboyee

Five Overlooked Or Looked Over Words:
Hey!!! Why didn’t you vote for these???

More Verbinition…

Many of the daily definitions for Verbotomy come from our own players and if you have an amaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzing idea, or just a situation that needs to be verbotomized, go to Verbinition and submit your definition.

Your jumbling observer,