DEFINITION: n., The uneasiness, social discomfort, and/or impending sense of doom which occurs when you realize that you’ve sent out a few too many emails after drinking way too much. v. intr., To be worried about your social standing after a night of heavy drinking and stupid emailing.

Fell asleep at the keyboard again...

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Clicksand: /klik – sand/ Knowing there was nothing he could do to fix the inevitable drunken harm he’d done at the keyboard the previous night, Bob accepted the impending reprocussions as he stewed in his own clicksand. Etymology: click (computer or texting) + (quick)sand + click send (modified past tense of clicking the send button to send an email that now cannot be unsent) Created by: Magnetic.

Comments on Clicksand:

silveryaspen, 2008-02-08: 11:30:00
Excellent choice of words well blended into into a simple clear-meaning catchy verboticism. Reprocussions is a nifty one, too. Excellent creations!

Jabberwocky, 2008-02-08: 12:47:00
fantastic word

OZZIEBOB, 2008-02-10: 16:40:00
absolutely great!

Tipsymailaise: /tip-see-mail-ayz/ After a night of pounding down shots, singing rousing bouts of “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Mailer?”, and sending out dozens of Jack Danmails, Bob awoke to an In Box full of hate mail, three computer viruses, and a heavy sense of tipsymailaise. Etymology: tipsy, email, malaise Created by: purpleartichokes.

Comments on Tipsymailaise:

galwaywegian, 2008-02-08: 06:28:00
Sounds like a fairly nasty dis e-ase

silveryaspen, 2008-02-08: 11:25:00
Terrific Puns … Double Funs! Can I get tipsymalise from the fumes when I open JackDanmails?

Jabberwocky, 2008-02-08: 12:46:00
nice one purple and now I’ve got that song n my head for the rest of the day

picabomama, 2008-02-09: 07:59:00
I especially like the reference Jack Danmails in the sentence.

OZZIEBOB, 2008-02-10: 16:52:00
Great sentence; luv the word!

Rogueemailephant: /rowg-emial-efant/ The rogueemailephant finally sent one too many drunken emails which forced the company into bankruptcy. He hasn’t been herd from since, although it has been speculated that he may try to join the Societe Generelephants. Etymology: email + rogue elephant (person who avoids others) Created by: Jabberwocky.

Comments on Rogueemailephant:

galwaywegian, 2008-02-08: 07:38:00
I assume he will packiederm his bags and go

silveryaspen, 2008-02-08: 10:45:00
You’re very hugely creative, today! Evokes thoughts of rogue mails big as elephants! Can you e-male us ladies some to Njoy? (very red faced with longlived laughter)

silveryaspen, 2008-02-08: 10:46:00
Great puns … through and through … you are so good at what you do!

purpleartichokes, 2008-02-08: 11:44:00
And here’s the sad truth about drunken elephants…

Jabberwocky, 2008-02-08: 12:52:00
truly shocking story but at least they went out happy

Nosila, 2008-02-09: 03:51:00
Very cute, almost Babaric…did you pull that one out of your trunk?

OZZIEBOB, 2008-02-10: 16:50:00
Creative and interesting!

Egret: /like regret, drop the first R/ It was the morning after the big celebration and Dmitri woke in a puddle of his own sick. Worried that he may have defiled his prized laptop, he gingerly tapped the mouse and waited. What he found was a fully operational computer, buzzing with reply e-mails. The previous evening’s activities came into sharper focus as he scanned the subject lines in his in-box. His EGRET reached it’s zenith as he read the e-mail firing him from the very job promotion he had been celebrating. Etymology: regret, and e-mail Created by: picabomama.

Comments on Egret:

silveryaspen, 2008-02-08: 18:12:00
Excellent! Short and right to the point!

Mustang, 2008-02-09: 04:10:00
Great verboticism

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Definition Comments:

Verbotomy2008-02-08: 03:25:00
Today’s definition was suggested by Nosila. Thank you Nosila. ~ James

Tigger2008-02-08: 14:30:00
Ahh, e-mail and alcohol… They go together like peas and carrots, or like ‘lack of inhibition’ and ‘lack of employment’,

Verbotoweek: Rikboyee gets a Science Fiction Verbotomy

It was a nail bitter, but rikboyee surged in the final minutes of the race to take the prize for this week — an autographed copy of Robert J. Sawyer’s newest novel Rollback. Cool! And he did it with coolest words of the week like unsuitorble and liet to popcult. And this is Rikboyee’s second big win! Last time was when we offered up a copy of the Kurt Vonnegut novel Cat;s Cradle. Coincidence? We think not. Obviously Rikboyee is motivated by great writers. Congratulations!

See the final results here:

A Quick Review of the Top Five Words Each Day Last Week:

Monday – ‘the dread you feel when your boss storms past unfinished work on your desk’
1. youthanasia – Created by: Stevenson0
2. teenmentia – Created by: purpleartichokes
3. slideeffect – Created by: Jabberwocky
4. malapubism – Created by: bigdog20
5. panaceaccentuation – Created by: jadenguy

Tuesday – ‘A pop culture entertainment property, which has transcended itself and become a de facto religion with legions of devotees’
1. predalektion – Created by: Jabberwocky
2. phenomination – Created by: Clayton
3. borganization – Created by: purpleartichokes
4. fanaticult – Created by: ohwtepph
5. cultasy – Created by: Stevenson0

Wednesday – ‘To eat in a peculiar or ritualistic manner in an effort to lose weight while consuming more. n. An idiosyncratic method of eating, usually adopted for “health reasons”.’
1. celeremony – Created by: Alchemist
2. liet – Created by: rikboyee
3. safepecks – Created by: purpleartichokes
4. grazecraze – Created by: Jabberwocky
5. vegebation – Created by: Stevenson0

Thursday – ‘To spend years wishing you could be young again, only to discover that it’s actually happening, but not exactly as you imagined.’
1. rejuvenackered – Created by: galwaywegian
2. geriatricks – Created by: porsche
3. deagerate – Created by: Stevenson0
4. youthanasia – Created by: Osomatic
5. regretssion – Created by: toadstool57

Friday – ‘Mating partner who is not accepted by one’s parents – fight with one’s parents over the selection of a suitable mate.’
1. unsuitorble – Created by: rikboyee
2. hunacceptable – Created by: toadstool57
3. fiancney – Created by: Jabberwocky
4. wrestlemateia – Created by: Stevenson0
5. kinflict – Created by: ErWenn

Do these people have jobs? Are they full time Verboticists? This could have been a collaborative book. Hmmm… where have we seen that before? The following is an example of the creativeness bottled up around the world waiting to be harnessed. Enjoy!

Comments: Progenitorturer

Jabberwocky – 2007-06-22: 10:32:00
he gargled with the wine and snorted the salt. He also…

purpleartichokes – 2007-06-22: 10:46:00
blew his nose on the host’s napkin…

Jabberwocky – 2007-06-22: 13:11:00
and then he quoted the French Guard from The holy Grail and said ‘I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!’ At that outburst….

purpleartichokes – 2007-06-22: 14:00:00
Kate realized she had to do something quick to stop his further indescretions. She abruptly rose from the table, scurried over to the progenitorturer, and stuffed the snotty napkin in his…

bubbos – 2007-06-22: 15:25:00
inverted third nipple

Jabberwocky – 2007-06-22: 15:45:00
which caused him to scream in pain. He then took the turkey carcass and hurled it at…

purpleartichokes – 2007-06-22: 16:50:00
Kate’s grandma, who adeptly ducked the flying featherless fowl, and caused it to go careening across the room, knocking over the glass that held Grandpa’s spare teeth in the process, which caused Grandpa to exclaim…

Clayton – 2007-06-22: 18:36:00
“I need my Viagra!,” which confused everyone, including old widow Jones, who promptly removed her inhaler from her purse and began attempting CPR on the struggling cat, who was really a secret agent working for…

Stevenson0 – 2007-06-22: 18:46:00
CHAOS! The boyfiend jumped up and yelled “Let’s wrestlemateia!”, at which point …

purpleartichokes – 2007-06-22: 18:56:00
Grandpa chimed in and said, “Well, I may be an old toothless impotent bugger, but I’m game!” Grandpa sprung, as fast as a grandpa can spring, to his feet and lunged at…

Clayton – 2007-06-22: 19:06:00
the mutilated turkey, which old Widow Jones was now attempting to revive with electric shocks from her taser, which she had received as a gift from…

purpleartichokes – 2007-06-22: 19:36:00
President Bush, who thought that all seniors should be equipped with semi-automatic weapons, but settled for tasers. While trying to resuscitate the mass of meat and bones, Widow Jones suddenly realized the phallic qualities of “stuffing the turkey”, and turned her attentions to Grandpa. Unfortunately, she had forgotten her K-Why Jelly. Grandpa wasn’t in the mood anyway, as he had just …

Clayton – 2007-06-22: 20:04:00
the mutilated turkey, which old Widow Jones was now attempting to revive with electric shocks from her taser, which she had received as a gift from…

purpleartichokes – 2007-06-22: 20:12:00
James, who was trying to figure out why multiple posts happen. He was stumped. But Grampa quickly realized that it was all because…

Jabberwocky – 2007-06-22: 20:41:00
why read something once when reading it 3 times is so much better. But to get back to why Grandpa wasn’t in the mood, it was because he had landed in a bowl of apple jelly and assumed it was Grandma. Now it was time for dessert and…

Clayton – 2007-06-22: 21:22:00
SUDDENLY – Garrison Sergeant Major Davis kicked in the front door and exclaimed, “What in Heaven’s name have you done to my turkey?!” Apparently, there’d been so mix-up at the grocery store, when Mrs. Peterson, the local notary, had stumbled upon what she believed to be an indispensable clue as to the identity of the pharmacy technician counterspy responsible for stealing Grandpa’s hormones from the bakery, but then she remembered that an elderly woman in the photo department had given her a picture of a cat with a hospital wristband engaged in some sort of illicit act with a gooseberry cobbler from the deli. A cobbler that may in fact contain Grandpa’s missing pharmaceuticals, which upon its serving would…

petaj – 2007-06-22: 22:50:00
render the entire company with explosive diarrhoea and projectile vomiting. In the chaos that followed Grandpa mistook the remaining cranberry sauce for Grandma’s k-why jelly due to his extreme colour blindness. He immediate scooped up a handful and …

Clayton – 2007-06-22: 23:19:00
went to work on his treatise concerning time warps, prehistoric sharks, and the double negation principle, but his plan was cut short as a dozen pineapples fell on his head, knocking him unconscious and prompting old widow Jones to turn to Garrison Sergeant Major Davis, who had begun to strangle the cat, and say:

petaj – 2007-06-23: 00:31:00
“I can smell something burning, Sar’major Davis, you really must desist from spreading your wedding tackle with coconut oil and sunbaking. You’ll come to a nasty end! and it sets a worrisome example for the young uns.” Just then Grandpa came to muttering about pineapples at twice the speed of light, being relatively generally unified and not supporting string theory at all. “Eureka” he announced to the assembly who were still clutching their guts and trying to avoid slipping in what they had just voided. “Kate you must not marry this progenitorturer, until he returns triumphant from a quest. He must prove himself worthy by …”

Jabberwocky – 2007-06-23: 00:47:00
gathering together all the verbotomists in a steel lined cell and mind melding their idiosyncrasies into one superhuman nurosies.. thus

Stevenson0 – 2007-06-23: 01:20:00
we must figure how to get them altogether. One way is to have a transitive verb, intransitive verb ,proper noun, common noun, adjective and adverb contest. James! Inform them of the contest. They will come. James informed them all by e-mail on the 23rd of June 2007 and…

Clayton – 2007-06-23: 02:56:00
sat back and watched the fireworks. Only then shall the turkey, the cat, Kate, her progenitorturer, Grandma, Grandpa, old widow Jones, Garrison Sergeant Major Davis, Mrs. Peterson the notary, and the rest of the unnamed characters in this story, who we will assume also includes a disgruntled Ma and a dipsomaniac Pa, as well as a few aunts, uncles, and cousins, truly be free. The end. We hope.

Your crumbling observer,


Verbotoweek: purpleartichokes – The Office Politician

purpleartichokes verboticizes her office experience into victory this week winning a signed copy of Timothy Johnson’s newest book GUST: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics. She is obviosly an expert at carrying around a slackcessory to get out of doing any work and is employed by a condemnagog. Congratulations purpleartichokes!!! And thanks to Timoth Johnson for playing along!

Congratulations to all!

See the final results here:

A Quick Review of the Top Five Words Each Day Last Week:

Monday – ‘the dread you feel when your boss storms past unfinished work on your desk’
1. intraypidation 29
2. allayoffment 26
3. deskapism 23
4. heebiemanageebies 20
5. stressurerush 20

Tuesday – ‘to exercise power through personal insults, while pretending to offer encouragement’
1. condemnagog
2. mockliment
3. demeanager
4. goaddigger
5. humiliaid

Wednesday – ‘A prop used to create the illusion of busyness’
1. slackcessory
2. industricators
3. evidiligence
4. phantofiles
5. maskqueraid

Thursday – ‘To seek approval from your boss by emulating their style’
1. ingratiape
2. suckcessor
3. doppelmanager
4. panderox
5. brownposer

Friday – ‘To complain and complain about a problem without ever taking action to correct it’

1. grouchpotato 29
2. whinertia 20
3. longwhineded 20
4. deridleness 17
5. inirktion 17

Comments: Longwhineded

galwaywegian – 2007-06-15: 07:46:00
a real whinner!

Stevenson0 – 2007-06-15: 08:17:00
‘The long and whined road’…..sing along Purple!

purpleartichokes – 2007-06-15: 08:37:00
That’s it! I’m taking my words and going home… home, where my thought’s escaping… Arrrgh!! I may have to commit songicide.

grasshopper – 2007-06-15: 11:41:00
Ya’ll are just freaky funny!

AJR55 – 2007-06-15: 12:08:00

Clayton – 2007-06-15: 19:46:00
Hey, you guys are doing songs now? What about “Red, Red Whine”? “I Walk the Whine”? “Whine in the Coconut”? “Tom’s Whiner”? “Sweet Child O’Whine”?

petaj – 2007-06-15: 21:29:00
He was a whine lover of long standing and had just been voted in as president of the whine appreciation club. His campaign was based on a platform of clarety of purpose and he won over the the members when he sangria non by Fleetwood Mac. He rosé to the occasion and showed his sparkling wit. It was an oakay performance.

Jabberwocky – 2007-06-16: 00:02:00
Jeremiah was a bull frog. Was a good friend of mine. Never understood a single word he said, but he always had some mighty fine whine

You blingbling observer


Verbotoweek: Top Four Battle for Supreme Verbosity

This was the closest race ever with just a few votes separating the top four finishers. Voters took my advice and spread their votes to many of the creative words and I found this the toughest week to be inventive and creative with the quite varied and different definitions.

1. Jabberwocky Score: 112
2. petaj Score: 111
3. Stevenson0 Score: 107
4. purpleartichokes Score: 107

Congratulations to all! See the final results here:

Monday – Useless Gadgets
1. gizmotional
2. gizbo
3. yabadabadoodad
4. gearoused
5. whizzbangst

Tuesday – Self Image Retouching Picture Disorder
1. phonyshopped
2. retouchiness
3. opticaldelusion
4. fauxtorexia
5. pixosis

Wednesday – Pulling a Band-Aid off Hairy Skin
1. trichotrauma
2. depilatorture
3. hurtsute
4. tearture
5. hairrowing

Thursday – Compulsive Repeated Mistake
1. stuplication
2. recidiotism
3. errerrerr
4. dohpeat
5. neuerrotic

Friday – Pet Language
1. petois
2. furnacular
3. bingolingo
4. petsperanto
5. furble

Top Ten Verboticisms of the Week:

1. Petois Created by: petaj
2. Furnacular Created by: ziggy41
3. Recidiotism Created by: serendipity9000
4. Gizmotional Created by: purpleartichokes
5. Trichotrauma Created by: petaj
6. Bingolingo Created by: Jabberwocky
7. Phonyshopped Created by: hennifer
8. Petsperanto Created by: Clayton
9. Yabadabadoodad Created by: Jabberwocky
10. Gizbo Created by: Stevenson0

Five Words That We Should Have Voted For, But Didn’t!!!

You should of, would of, could of voted for these!!!

* Technocrave Created by: pguse
* Cosmoshopism Created by: livejuicy
* Bandache Created by: docholiday
* Errennial Created by: Trystera
* Poochinese Created by: Osomatic



Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: doo-lit-al-yun

Sentence: ever since i became fluent in doolittalian, my dog and i have been much better at working through our issues

Etymology: dr doolittle, italian

Points: 14

Comments: Doolittalian
galwaywegian2007-06-08: 04:29:00
bada bingo!

purpleartichokes2007-06-08: 06:47:00
Makes me yearn for spughetti!

jadenguy2007-06-08: 09:43:00
oh noes, now i’m thinking about the episode of futurama where fry finds his old dog. that episode made me cry.

Jabberwocky2007-06-08: 10:22:00
mmm spughetti with a starter course of clam chowchowder and a fresh salad with collieflower

purpleartichokes2007-06-08: 11:17:00
And Yorkshire pudding for dessert.

Jabberwocky2007-06-08: 11:38:00
perhaps a beagle with cream cheese or a cinnamon great daneish

purpleartichokes2007-06-08: 12:22:00
Hamster and cheese?

Jabberwocky2007-06-08: 12:49:00
or german shepherd’s pie with a dachshund of catsup

ErWenn2007-06-08: 14:09:00
Or some poodles in marinara sauce…or a parrot cake…or some chicken cat-chiatore…

ErWenn2007-06-08: 14:10:00
I was going to get into more obscure pets, but I started running into the problem that people are about as likely to eat some animals as they are to keep them as pets.

purpleartichokes2007-06-08: 14:21:00
Like hushpuppies? Geez Rik, we’re really crapping up your place here, aren’t we? Hope you haven’t become petulant!

Jabberwocky2007-06-08: 14:33:00
I don’t think rikboyee is that petty

purpleartichokes2007-06-08: 15:23:00
Woohoo! Quittin’ time. Headin’ home for a verbeer and a hot dog! Have a great weekend all!

Jabberwocky2007-06-08: 15:43:00
make sure you have catsup and mouseturd with your hot dog purple

purpleartichokes2007-06-08: 18:55:00
i hate you jabber. heading over the cabin tomorrow, and there’s still a mouse in there. yum.

petaj2007-06-08: 22:13:00
These puns are terrierbly funny.

ErWenn2007-06-08: 23:50:00
Well, they’re pretty terrible, so I’ll half agree with petaj.

jadenguy2007-06-09: 00:32:00
I guess puns just aren’t your teacup.

rikboyee2007-06-09: 09:55:00
wow….if only comments were votes….i’d be best in show

Your Wumbling Observer,


DEFINITION: n. The horrible pain that comes from pulling a band-aid off of hairy skin.


VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Trichotrauma: /trick-o-traw-ma/ It was a cold Halloween and the neighbourhood was filled with the joyful sound of families laughing and enjoying themselves. Suddenly a horrendous screech filled the night and an eerie silence descended on the revellers. Was it a spirit raised from the dead, was it an escaped pet cockatoo, was it Aunty Em practising her singing? No. It was a hairy legged Dad who had banned his children from trick or treating. In revenge his darling children had ripped duct tape from his knee, to see him suffer from trichotrauma. “Faaaaaghlicle” he screamed as the second piece was stripped off. Etymology: tricho (hair) + trauma (injury) Created by: petaj.

Depilatorture: /-dəˈpɪləˌtoɹtʃɝ-/ Perhaps the depilatorture of bandage removal could be lessened somewhat if we hired professional bikini-waxers to do the yank-job for us. Etymology: From depilatory + torture Created by: ErWenn.

Hurtsute: /hurt-soot/ Jane took great pleasure in ripping the plaster off my chest. It hurtsute like hell! Etymology: hurts (painful) + hirsute (hairy) Created by: pinwheel.

Hairrowing: /hair-row-ing/ The ripping off of that bandage was a most hairrowing experience. Etymology: hair + harrow + ing Created by: Stevenson0.

To see more verboticisms for this definition go to:

Be Creative,

the create-a-word game