I guess I’ll have one more…

DEFINITION: v. tr. To make the same mistake over and over again even though you know it’s stupid. n. A compulsively repeated mistake.

I guess I'll have one more...

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Stuplication: /stoop-lih-KAY-shuhn/ By dating each of the seven MacGillicuddy girls, Alex achieved a feat of stuplication that even he didn’t think he was capable of Etymology: stupid + duplication Created by: mplsbohemian.

Recidiotism: /re-sid-ee-ot-ism/ The first two times he tried to eat the wax fruit on her dining room table, she thought it was quirky … but after that she started to suspect it was recidiotism. Etymology: RECID and ISM from RECIDIVISM (repeated or habitual relapse)with IDIOT inserted in the middle Created by: serendipity9000.

Dohpeat: /-ˈdoÊŠËŒpit-/ I knew that I was inclined to miss the freeway exit to our new house, so I made a big point of staying focused so that I wouldn’t dohpeat this time. Unfortunately, my resolve led me into a false sense of security, and it wasn’t until I turned on the street where we used to live that I realized it had happened again. Etymology: From doh + repeat Created by: ErWenn.

Redodebooboo: /ree-doo-dee-boo-boo/ Like Alice in Blunderland, Bob didn’t realize he was about to redodebooboo. I watched in amazment as he once again set the office toaster oven to Burnt Beyond Recognition and walk away. Eh, at least we’d get a few minutes out of the office when the fire alarms went off. Etymology: redo the boo-boo Created by: purpleartichokes.

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