Swoonerism: I’d love to work on top of you!

DEFINITION: n. A person who is so heels-over-head obsessed with someone, that they trip over their own tongue every time they meet them. v. To be so infatuated that you trip over your tongue.

I'd love to work on top of you!

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Swoonerism: /swew nurrr isim/ Her swoonerism raised eyebrows and temperatures among other things Etymology: spoonerism, swoon Created by: galwaywegian.

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mrskellyscl, 2009-09-14: 09:27:00
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Inflapuated: /in flap yu ayted/ Missy Whitetoast was so excited to meet her Bollywood Idol, Mr. Ovthee I. Singh, that her tongue tripped over her teeth and lips. She was so inflapuated with Mr. Singh, she Mumbaied her words. By her own Calcuttalations, her ardor at meeting him exceeded everyone else’s. She would have to Goa long way to curry his favor and become his next romantic heroine in one of his films. It was her AGRAvation to be so close to her idol and not be able to pakora-up. In consolation, she would put on her Madras Jodhpurs and go down to the New Delhi and treat herself to a Darjeeling Tea. Naan is so blind as they who cannot see… Etymology: Infatuated (marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness) & Flap(an excited state of agitation;make a fuss; be agitated;pronounce with a flap, of alveolar sounds) Created by: Nosila.

Moonstuck: /moōnËŒstÉ™k/ When Dylan walked in the room, Georgia and her tongue would become moonstuck. For the past 4 months he had referred to her as Ally, not because he was given to creating alternate names for people but because when he had first asked her name she couldn’t think of it. She knew it was a State but the only one that came to mind was Alabama. Etymology: moonstruck (unable to think or act normally, esp. because of being in love) + stuck (be or become fixed or jammed in one place as a result of an obstruction) Created by: artr.

Incrusherent: /in – crush – hear – ent/ Belinda became incrusherent whenever Samson entered the room. She had a master’s degree in English and worked as a speech therapist but could not help herself speak clearly when she was near him. Etymology: incoherent (unable to express yourself clearly or fluently), crush (puppy love, infatuation) Created by: mweinmann.

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