Double Verbotomy for the Summer Season

Attention all Verbotomists!

With the summer solstice approaching it is time to switch to Double Verbotomy for the summer season. As you might expect Double Verbotomy comes in two lovely flavors…

1. Verbotomy Text: Everything is the same as regular Verbotomy except there is no comic. Just words. It’s for the literary crowd — the kind of people who like to play Verbotomy.

2. Verbotomy Classics: We will also be replaying of some of our favorite Verbotomy Challenges from the past year. They will be published with the original comic — good for those who like a little visual inspiration to spice up literary creations. If you haven’t played them before, they will be brand new to you. If you’ve already played them, then your verboticism will be there, in all its glory, for everyone to see, read and enjoy.

I will be working to set up Double Verbotomy over the next week and plan to keep it running until September when will return to our regular format with a daily comic.

Editor of the Week:
I am also considering setting up an Editor of the Week function which would allow a player to become a Verbotomy Editor for a week. The Editor’s main responsibility would be to chose the definitions and moderate the comments. If you are interested in this, please let me know!

If you have an comments, suggestions or ideas for improvements please let me know. You can post your comments here or email me at

Thank you to everyone for contributing to Verbotomy. It has been a very successful first season. I am continually amazed by everyone’s energy and creativity. And I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful words you are going to create this summer!

Be creative,