Verbotoweek: The week in review

It was a wildly creative week where our players’ imaginations were pushed from forgotten birthdays (James’s personal foley) to virtual brain death thanks to catgrin’s TV/DVD obsessions. I must admit I was completely flintstoned and suffered from painful gomerpiles while watching rikboyee quickly dumbfound the competition with his clever retortise. And I almost went mimeopathic seeing that twinch was overlooked, or undervoted, by our team of expert verbotomists. The winner of the week, cellfish by purpleartichokes, finished on top with a strong lead, despite the fact the it must have been subject to some vote splitting thanks to Ziggy41’s equally clever, and phonetically matched, celfish.

Here are the top five words for the week of April 2 – April 8, 2007.

  1. cellfish
  2. episodomy
  3. retalilate
  4. retortoise
  5. schizoscreenia

Top snippers, snippets and snibblers

Of course, the most fun is often reading the clever reparteasies that often occur between players as they play for verbal oneupmanship. Here are a few of my favorite snippletts…

Bulletchewer ranting on Olsenation

Bulletchewer2007-04-04: 14:33:00
*mimicked And is “annoying” a new euphemism for “hot”?

Jabberwocky2007-04-05: 08:57:00
Yikes!! Bulletchewer has a crush on the Olsens

And of course purpleartichokes’ brilliant word, “thinket“, inspired lots of conversation… It seem that thinkets or, or as bulletchewer calls them “thoughtdiscounts“, are an ever present phemnomen that prove that while the thought may count for something, it does not count for enough. (Attention all males, this is a wake-up call!)

I might actually use this one in real life. – iwasatripwire, 2007-04-06: 13:59:00

Can the sympoms of doghousen syndrome be eased by the sufferer sleeping on the sofa, or indeed in the doghouse? – Bulletchewer, 2007-04-06: 15:20:00

*symptoms – Bulletchewer, 2007-04-06: 15:20:00

I like sympoms better. Pays homage to The Simpsons and celebrates this dohccasion. And “The Couch” brings back such bad memories for my boyfriend that he’d prefer to sleep on my f.u.ton. – purpleartichokes, 2007-04-06: 18:30:00

Ignore his f.u.tile excuses. Tell him you want your birthday celebelated. – petaj, 2007-04-06: 19:57:00

Oooo, celebelate is a GREAT word! – purpleartichokes, 2007-04-07: 06:03:00

One can only hope that our poor James, who confessed while trying to deny it, that this definition reflected his own personal dissendowment, was not completely celeberated.

We are eagerly watching the results this week to see who will win the blessing of Daniel Pink

Your humble observer,