Misconsturpulate: The pants are blowing in the wind

DEFINITION: n. A misheard or misunderstood lyric, which gives the song a completely different meaning than originally intended. v. To misinterpret a song because you “hear” different words than the ones actually being sung.

The pants are blowing in the wind

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Misconsturpulate: /mis-con-sterp-you-layt/ History Lesson: Dylan didn’t want people to misconsturpulate “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” so he wrote key lyrics on flash cards and displayed them during the song … and filmed the whole thing. The music video was born. Etymology: misconstrue (to misinterpret) + extrapolate (to infer [unknown information] from known information) + my quirky spelling and pronunciation sound funnier Created by: hyperborean.

Comments on Misconsturpulate:

DrWebster111, 2009-05-06: 00:31:00
flawless, once again, word, etymology, and as always the sentence

Misunderheard: /mis-under-herd/ Grandma shrugged, “You kids today with your hippity-hop and stupid lyrics — why when I was young we had songs with meaning!” She sighed wistfully and began to sing to herself, “Knock, knock, knocking on Kevin’s door.” Grandpa stood up, “You’ve been singing that song wrong for the past 50 years, old woman. It’s “Knock, knock knockin’ on heaven’s door” for crying out loud.” “Well, I guess I misunderheard the lyrics, excuuuuuse me. And if you correct me again in front of the grandkids you’ll be knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door sooner than you think.” Etymology: misunderstood: improperly understood or interpreted + heard Created by: mrskellyscl.

Comments on Misunderheard:

mweinmann, 2009-05-05: 08:34:00
wonderful word…

mweinmann, 2009-05-05: 08:34:00
I just noticed that you used one of the same song title’s in your sentence as I did….only I think Kevin is funnier tha Evan!!!

Nosila, 2009-05-05: 22:15:00
There’s a herd of misunderheard today! Goodjob, mrsk!

Inaudiblexic: /in – od” e be – lek – sik/ Once again, Patrick’s inaudiblexicness had him removed from yet another concert, as it was annoying to both the other patrons as well the performer. Etymology: inaudible (inabillity to hear correctly) + dyslexic (impairment, from result of brain injury) Created by: DrWebsterIII.

Adversapropism: /Add verse à propism/ Wayne was of those amateur guitarists who seemed to know only half the words of the songs in his repertoire. When he gave his son an impromptu rendition of what he *thought* was “Sonny Be Good”, his wife gave him the nickname “Dog Berry” Etymology: Verse: component of a song that isn’t a chorus. Malapropism: misuse of words, often humorously. Adverse: That doesn’t sound quite right does it? Created by: emdeejay.

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Jabberwocky, 2009-05-05: 11:13:00
clever combo

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