Personalistality: What’s wrong with your husband’s voice?

DEFINITION: n. A person who adopts the stylings, mannerisms and even of the personality of their favorite rock, movie or television star. v. To derive your identity from someone else, especially a famous person.

What's wrong with your husband's voice?

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Personalistality: /purr-son-ay-list-al-ity/ Chad started to develop a personalistality based on his mancrush Brad Pitt. Of course he looked nothing like him. He also asked his girlfriend if they could adopt 3 children. Etymology: personality + a-list (the beautiful people, elite, high society) Created by: remistram.

Micarious: /mike airy us/ “When the Jester sang for the King and Queen in a coat he borrowed from James Dean” he was probably not being micarious, but my attempts to channel Don certainly are. Alas, they’re almost bad enough to deserve an (American) Pie in my face… Etymology: Mic(rophone): used to amplify the voices of performers, both good and bad. Vicarious: To take the place of or imitate another, to feel what’s it’s like to be them. Created by: emdeejay.

Comments on Micarious:

Mustang, 2009-05-06: 06:33:00
Dressing up for the part made him microbial as well?

emdeejay, 2009-05-06: 23:08:00
🙂 I just love all the Dylan references in American Pie …

Celeffigy: /Sell-effigy/ Michaela couldn’t help herself, her identimitation was complete and when she stepped out she was a fabulous and flirtatious Marylin staricature, all blonde curls and buxom bosom. Her idolity extended to feigning an isolating fame but her reputation was cast as the most extravagant and talented celeffigy in town. Etymology: Celebrity – a person known throughout the world for something other than their talent; Effigy – copy or representation, usually of a famous, infamous or otherwise “known” personage. Created by: dochanne.

Comments on Celeffigy:

dochanne, 2009-05-06: 03:17:00
With identimitation as Identity and Imitation and reminiscent of identification as why people admire their idols. Staricature – Star and caricature, obvious really, and idolity as Idol and Identity blended because that’s what she does..

emdeejay, 2009-05-06: 03:23:00
Iconic 🙂

Jabberwocky, 2009-05-06: 13:23:00

Mockstar: /mok + st + r/ Jeffrey grew up dreaming that he would become famous singing the songs that he wrote, travelling the world with screaming fans following him. Instead, he became a mockstar, singing songs written by others in their voices with only about 15 fans following him. Etymology: mock, rock, star Created by: mweinmann.

Comments on Mockstar:

galwaywegian, 2009-05-06: 09:39:00
like it

Jabberwocky, 2009-05-06: 13:25:00

dochanne, 2009-05-06: 19:05:00
Simple, succint, efficient.

splendiction, 2009-05-06: 23:05:00
good word!

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