Nothing clever to say?

DEFINITION: A clever remark, especially a “comeback line” to an insult, which does not come to mind until it is too late to be delivered; often leads to the gnashing of teeth.

Nothing clever to say?

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Retalilate: /ri-tal-ee-late/ He could always retalilate to her sharp witted put downs, but only a few hours after her verbal slap. Etymology: retaliate + late Created by: Stevenson0.

Retortoise: /re-tor-tus/ Finally, at 2am , he thought of a retortoise Etymology: retort, tortoise Created by: rikboyee.

Wittischism: /wit-i-skiz-um/ John’s wittischism was particularly acute as he replayed the argument in his mind three hours after the event. Etymology: witticism (a clever remark) + schism (a division or break – in this case the break between the desire to retort and the actual thinking of the retort. Created by: pinwheel.

Parrysoundbite: /pary-sownd-byte/ Barry needed dental surgery after his latest parrysoundbite which of course went unheard Etymology: parry (retort) + Parry Sound (Ontario town) + sound bite (hence gnashing of teeth) Created by: Jabberwocky.

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