DEFINITION: n. An old media format that is no longer popular or easily accessible, such as floppy disks, VHS tapes or stone tablets. v. tr. To try to access data stored in an old-fashioned media format, especially it requires the use archaic technology and/or protocols.

Wow! Look what my grandpa gave me!

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Paleodata: /pā’lÄ“-ō-dāt’É™/ Jose threw the remaining 3.5″ floppies in the drawer with his cassette, VHS, 8-track and reel-to-reel tapes, 5″ floppies and other miscellaneous paleodata. Etymology: paleo-, a combining form meaning “old” or “ancient;” data, information Created by: stache.

Comments on Paleodata:

picabomama, 2008-03-14: 08:16:00
I must say, this is nearly as good as my verb! Well done! I will probably use this word, a lot.

silveryaspen, 2008-03-14: 18:00:00
The throwback all the way to the dinosaur age … Terrific word!

OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-16: 17:04:00
Great word!

Auldwangsyne: /old-WANG-sine/ Computers, voice mail and all those other modern gizmoes were not what Bob dreamed of, he yearned for the clatter of the typewriter and the world of wordprocessors, and the days of auldwangsyne. Etymology: The Wang Co.founded in 1954, makers of typewriters and early word processors & “auld lang syne” expression meaning “days of long ago” Created by: OZZIEBOB.

Comments on Auldwangsyne:

Jabberwocky, 2008-03-14: 14:21:00
bittersweet just like the song

silveryaspen, 2008-03-14: 18:26:00
Nostalgic! A tribute to the byte-gone ways! Has such great heart! Exceptional!

Nosila, 2008-03-14: 23:20:00
Should ALT acquaintents be ForMat and never brought to Mines…

Tigger, 2008-03-15: 15:10:00
Very technostalgic! Does anyone remember those 8-inch floppy disks? I think some of the Wangs had those…

Textinct: /tik-stingkt/ The inability of any of today’s computers to read the written data on the old large floppy disks have made them textinct. Etymology: text + extinct Created by: Stevenson0.

Comments on Textinct:

silveryaspen, 2008-03-14: 18:30:00
Meaning readily apparent and so full! Ingenious choice of words to blend! Superb Won!

Mustang, 2008-03-14: 19:38:00

OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-16: 17:07:00

Technossil: /tek-no-sil/ Diyan wants to update her various technossil dated between 1995 and 2007. Only recently did she upgrade to a digital camera as it was bittersweet parting with her SLR Nikon N60. At least there is still an element of art in the use of SLR, but that’s way more than can be said for her gigantic desktop computer and the cob-web of wires that pour out from behind it. Etymology: technology + fossil Created by: diyan627.

Comments on Technossil:

arrrteest, 2008-03-14: 14:36:00
Great word! Seems so obvious to me.

silveryaspen, 2008-03-14: 18:36:00
Applies not only to the byte-gone devices but to the operators of them! I’m a technossil among all my stored technossils! Outstanding won!

Mustang, 2008-03-14: 19:38:00
Great word.

diyan627, 2008-03-15: 11:17:00
Thanks Arrrteest, Silveryaspen and Mustang!

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Definition Comments:

Verbotomy2008-03-14: 00:01:00
Today’s definition was suggested by yellowbird. Thank you yellowbird. ~ James

stache2008-03-14: 01:22:00

stache2008-03-14: 01:32:00
oops-wrong box.

arrrteest2008-03-14: 11:20:00
A few years ago, while giving a state assessment to 5th graders, there was a passage about artifacts. Included with the clay pipes and broken pottery shards was a section on the record and the record player. I wasn’t ready to accept that then, but now I’m somewhat resigned to the fact that it is so.

silveryaspen2008-03-14: 17:03:00
Congratulations, Yellowbird and James for the definition and cartoon, that has evoked a lot of deep thinking. Kudos to all you erudite deep-thinkers … for your words, comments, and wonderful way of uplifting each other with these wonderful interchanges. You’ve expanded the horizons of my thinking!

silveryaspen2008-03-14: 18:43:00
Three cheers for all the fun words created, too! Three cheers for all the trips down the various memory lanes!

arrrteest2008-03-14: 20:24:00
Lol,, MEMORY lanes

Verbotomy2008-03-16: 23:50:00
Thank goodness our memory lanes are still working. I was afraid they may have become non-compatible due to the upgrade to Windows Vista. Thank you Silvery, for showing us the way. ~ James