DEFINITION: n. A person who constantly corrects other people’s grammar. v. intr. To habitually correct the grammar of everyone with whom you speak regardless of the social context or the minuteness the perceived error.

Man, you loving bestest ever!

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Linguweenie: /lin-guwee-nie/ Rocco was definitely a gifted person, but he was so annoying because he always corrected everybody’s language. He was definitely a linguweenie. Etymology: linguist + weenie Created by: Stevenson0.

Comments on Linguweenie:

stache, 2008-03-26: 10:40:00
Hilarious. For some reason, though, it makes me hungry for Italian food.

Jabberwocky, 2008-03-26: 11:04:00
he was probably adamant about the pasta tense

arrrteest, 2008-03-26: 11:58:00
Love it! I can not wait until I can use the sentence, “Don’t be such a linguweenie!”

OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-26: 17:05:00

Nosila, 2008-03-26: 22:43:00
Bellissimo (or is it We’ll eat some more)

Tigger, 2008-03-26: 22:47:00
No wonder they say that Rocco is such a wet noodle. Funny word.

Syntaxassessor: /sin taks ass sess or/ Sidney Nym had grown to hate his wife, Anne T. Nym. Almost since the day they were wed, she had made him tense in his past, present and future due to her incessant correction of his grammar. Their initial conjunction had been predicated on their indicative physical attraction to each other and they had conjugated their relationship regularly then. But she took her role as syntaxassessor very seriously and over the years, she had become the active voice and he the passive one. She was the definite article, he was the indefinite one. He would love to subject her to a taste of her own medicine, but unfortunately, his weak linguistic grasp of the vernacular just gave him a pain in his colon instead. He wished he had interjected a clause in their pre-nup to preclude her from modifying his income should the object of his affection preposition another man and leave. He had pondered many a time abbreviating her time on Earth, but he also had to consider the children: Acro Nym and Homo Nym (yeah, like he didn’t get teased in school). He had also considered running off and becoming a transitive, but he was a pronoun and had an ellipsis….he decided to stay and work on his marriage. Besides, compounding his decision was the fact that every article he read said that the sentence for a case like his could be Capital punishment! Etymology: syntax (studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences; the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences;a systematic orderly arrangement) & tax (make a charge against or accuse) & assessor (an official who evaluates things or judges their merits) Created by: Nosila.

Comments on Syntaxassessor:

stache, 2008-03-26: 09:10:00
Man, your sentence leaves me speechless. I have nothing-you used ’em all! expertly done.

purpleartichokes, 2008-03-26: 14:11:00
Astounding sentence! Love the word too!

bookowl, 2008-03-26: 15:14:00
well thought out

OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-26: 17:19:00
Absolutely great sentence. Syntax – . // The money collected at the church from sinners. (Aiken Drum, POTD, 31 May 1999)

Tigger, 2008-03-26: 22:25:00
I’ll never look at ellipses the same way again. Simply punderful!

Nosila, 2008-03-26: 22:45:00
Cheers, all…as you may have guessed my nickname is Nosila, Queen of the Pundra! This is a great place to practice my craft…few on the outside understand “us”!

Wordprefect: /wurd-PREE-fekt/ “But this is madness. I am trying to stop this company from becoming a grammatical graveyard! Don’t you realize it concerns every person in this country – and, moreover, in the greater part of the world to speak English perfectly” Behind his back, in a low voice, someone murmured, ” Oh no, has someone split an infinitive again.” Things were becoming tense as Bob, flushing crimson, started to leave the room. After few moments, someone said, “Hope that’s the last of “Verndracula” for a while. “Verndracula”, “Dipthong”, “Cretaphor” and, quasi-officially, “The Wordprefect” were but a few pejoratives for Bob, whose habitual correcting of even the slightest grammatical error was driving his colleagues to demential declensia. However, they agreed, that it was a “critical period” in the company’s history, and that it would be a “double negative” if they sat there tangentiality, and did nothing to put a “glottal stop” to his psycholinguistic punishment. Firstly they started to mutilate plurals, one boomerang became two “beemearang”; one cuckoo was two “cuckee”. And, in an attempt, to render this onomatopedant almost apoplexic: ‘Boo-hoo’ became “bee-hee” and “boom” became “beem” Reaching for the mountain top of malapropisms, they uttered howlers such as a “let’s not talk about tattoo subjects”. Gradually, Bob began to realize that he had lost all “soap in his hole” when he began to slip, more and more, involuntary, into spoonerisms – of course, that should be speenerism. Etymology: Blend of WORD & PREFECT: School boy,especially in English Grammar schools, with responsibility for th discipline and “proper” behavior of other students. Created by: OZZIEBOB.

Comments on Wordprefect:

arrrteest, 2008-03-26: 12:04:00
There’s nothing like clouding up the waters with a good mixed metaphor, ya know!

Jabberwocky, 2008-03-26: 14:00:00
excellent sentence

Tigger, 2008-03-26: 22:29:00
So many hysterical stories today! Very amusing.

Nosila, 2008-03-26: 22:40:00
Loved it…it left me almost comma-tose. Period. Doesn’t a dipthong sound like the kind of low-cut bathing suit that Borat wore? Isn’t a beemerang a carphone call for a yuppie? Cheers!(Is the singular form of that a cher?)

Pricktionary: /prik-shun-air-ee/ as soon as i sent the email ‘i’ll see you their at 8pm’, i knew that pricktionary would be on my case Etymology: prick, dictionary Created by: rikboyee.

Comments on Pricktionary:

OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-26: 17:41:00
Just something about this word that I like.

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Definition Comments:

Verbotomy2008-03-26: 00:01:00
Today’s definition was suggested by stache. Thank you stache. ~ James

stache2008-03-26: 09:16:00
You’re welcome, JG. Very worthy submissions today

doseydotes2008-03-26: 09:22:00
I’m afraid stache’s definition is in reference to yours truly. I looked at the suggested words and I’m floored. I might as well give up right now. Great job, everybody.

doseydotes2008-03-26: 10:53:00
And I gotta add, “Man, you loving bestest ever!” to my repertoire.

stache2008-03-26: 11:47:00
That’d be hoovy of you, ‘dotes.

Verbotomy2008-03-26: 22:49:00
Yes, there are lots of gramudgeons and linguweenies here. Apparently, they’re the bestest! ~ James