Technillogicrats rule the world without debugging their own thinking

DEFINITION: n. A computer programmer who corrects software problems by bugging the users, rather than debugging the software. v. To pinpoint the blame for any defects in a product, especially a software product which you have created, on “illogical” end-users.

Computer programmers do not make mistakes.

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Technillogicrat: /tech – nil – LODJ – uh – crat/ Having an overblown ego and chutzpah to match, Cranston was a technillogicrat in the extreme who would never admit ignorance but would always blame everyone and everything else for things he could not remedy. Etymology: Blend of technical and illogic with suffix -crat…member of a dominant class Created by: Mustang.

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Jabberwocky, 2008-05-14: 14:05:00
great blend

Nosila, 2008-05-15: 01:53:00
There’s a theme here, apparently we have all worked with these types…

Progcastigator: /prog-cass-ti-gay-tor/ Many software developers are progcastigators who put off reworking their programs and instead berate users. Etymology: programmer + castigate (reprimand, berate) + procrastinator Created by: Jabberwocky.

Nincomputable: /nin-com-pute-abul/ Our IT department always makes me feel like a nincomputable. Etymology: nincompoop + computable Created by: Stevenson0.

Softwarrior: /-sawft-WOR-ee-er-/ Bert, the department’s IT Specialist, was a fanatical softwarrior, who would attack any of the mere users who dared to question the quality of their software. He fancied himself a sort of cyber-paladin, defender of the virtuous programmers who constructed such intricate code. Of course, Bert was sure that he could have joined their ranks, and that the brotherhood of programmers would welcome him with open arms, but he believed that his calling was here, at the front lines, keeping the unappreciative and discontented mobs of peasants… er, users, at bay. Etymology: Software – the programs used to direct the operation of a computer (back-formation from the word ‘hardware’ as applied to computer equipment) + Warrior – one who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict (from Old North French, werreieur “one who wages war”) Created by: Tigger.

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