Verbotoweek: The Aftermath of My Right-Brain Verbotomy

In this week’s blahg, I’ll technoblab, arroglance and chronicletwopointoverkill our Verbotomist’s performances. Verbotomy had a superflupress epicdemic of fortythinks and nightbulbs that kept us up all night. After so much sleepdeprivision, some of us were stricken with a rare allergy that caused snotyets gesundhalt achoops and aahaahhalmosts. With one last snease, we pushwhacked our yackberrys in a great show of pushoneupmanship. Hopefully this won’t prescalate into another insomnipiphany and we can spend this coming week windowcopping and warrenebeautyspotting. It’s difficult not to obcell over such excellent words. It does tend to create some buttonenvy, but we should view it not as another irristibutton, but as an inspirwaketion and never lose sight of the ultimate goal – to have fun and be creative.

The Right-Brain Verbotomists!

OMIGOD! JediJawa snatched the prize from StevensonO by just two points! What a creative genius and fierce competitor! We bow in his honor… And Jabberwocky and petaj were right on their tails. (Figuratively speaking of course!) So what can we say to JediJawa? Congratulations! We hope you’re smugmuggling yourself on your blahg! Keep up the good work! We love it!

Here are the top five words of the week for April 09 – April 15, 2007:

  1. nightbulb
  2. blahg
  3. fortythinks
  4. snee
  5. arroglance

Top snippers, snippets and snibblers:

1. The comments on Purplearichokes digiredoo

pinwheel2007-04-10: 07:20:00
Of course if you restrained yourself, that would be digiredidnt!

petaj2007-04-10: 07:23:00
One of my favourite entertainments is a magic trick using an Aboriginal wind instrument – prestididgeriduation

Bulletchewer2007-04-10: 07:46:00
Digging Rolf’s wobble board meself, sport. All together now “tie me kangaroo down, sport, tie me kangaroo down”.

purpleartichokes2007-04-10: 08:21:00
Aw geez. Another song to get stuck in my head.

Osomatic2007-04-11: 17:13:00
So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde, and that’s it hangin’ on the shed.

2. The comments on Reblogitate by ErWinn

purpleartichokes2007-04-11: 13:20:00
Ah, you were a pop-up blogger back then. BTW, love the word. Sounds great when you stick out your tongue to emphasize the “blah” sound in the middle.

wordmeister2007-04-11: 14:15:00
Yeah it’s funny… All this new stuff, new technology, and even new words, and it’s really the same old stuff we have been doing forever…

ErWenn2007-04-11: 17:17:00
The difference being is that now there’s a fad for showing off all this stuff to anyone willing to pay attention.

3. Comments: Antichoo

Alchemist2007-04-12: 01:08:00
if you choose to choo, is it a pikachu?

galwaywegian2007-04-12: 04:47:00
what about uncle choo?

purpleartichokes2007-04-12: 04:57:00
He went into the shoe business with his nephew Jimmy.

Stevenson02007-04-12: 12:40:00
Good Word!! Also one who swallows their food whole.

Our Favorite Words That — Somehow — Our Verbotomists Overlooked This Week:

Your humbled observer


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