Yahooked: What was your name again?

DEFINITION: v. To be so dependent on computers and other gadgets, that you cannot communicate or even think without them. n. A person who cannot communicate, or even think, without using an electronic device.

What was your name again?

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Yahooked: /ya hookt/ He was so yahooked that he failed to see that her Mozillas were so big, they’d have googled his eyebrowsers! Etymology: Yahoo (Internet browser; also not very intelligent or interested in culture) & Hooked (as in addicted to a drug)

Created by: Nosila.

Comments on Yahooked:

Jabberwocky, 2009-04-30: 12:48:00
funny sentence

splendiction, 2009-04-30: 23:08:00
yes I agree.

Brainary: /brain-a-ree/ Being technically minded, Nerdia, could really only process names and addresses if they were stored digitally in her smartphone. She was the perfect example of a brainary. Etymology: brain + binary Created by: petaj.

Comments on Brainary:

emdeejay, 2009-04-30: 02:15:00
That Nerdia! She really is one zero …

Nosila, 2009-04-30: 18:56:00
That Nerdia is a brainiac!

Appleratus: /a-pul-ra-tus/ “Let’s see”…”I have my iPod, my iPhone and my Macbook. That’s all my appleratus so now I’m all macked, oh sorry I meant packed.” Etymology: apple + apparatus Created by: Jabberwocky.

Ependent: /Ä“pendÉ™nt/ Some people write themselves notes to remember important things. John will text or e-mail himself to keep his life in order. He is absolutely ependent. Between his laptop and iPhone everything he does is scheduled, planned or stored electronically. His answer to almost any task or question presented is “I have an app for that”. He almost had a crisis last Friday when he forgot to schedule bathroom breaks. Luckily he still has a residual biological override. Etymology: e (denoting anything in an electronic state, esp. the use of electronic data transfer in cyberspace) + dependent (unable to do without) Created by: artr.

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