Ensaucer: Why won’t you stop the anonymous voting?

DEFINITION: v. To whack someone over the head with a pot (or any other handy utensil), because they won’t do what you say. n. A complaint about someone who doesn’t do things the way you want.

Why won't you stop the anonymous voting?

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Ensaucer: /rhymes with enforcer/ Miss Gertrude was a strict disciplinarian in the home economics classes. Any wayward kitchen techniques were beaten out of the students by her use of the ensaucer. Etymology: enforce + saucer Created by: petaj.

Comments on Ensaucer:

emdeejay, 2009-04-29: 19:54:00
I’d like to re-ensauce my appreciation of this 🙂

Potsquabble: /pah t sk waab el/ Mike knew he was in for a potsquabble when arguing with Becky that Kwik Trip was spelled with a “Q”, and not a “Kw”. He knew he was wrong since he had gassed up there not 10 minutes ago and distinctly remembered the sign. Becky already had her cast iron pan in hand… Etymology: Pot (cooking vessel for the stove, also called a pan) + squabble (a fight) Created by: Biscotti.

Comments on Potsquabble:

emdeejay, 2009-04-29: 02:49:00
Very apt. Love it

Rebelkettle: /rebb-l-kett-l/ He was thankful that she didn’t rebelkettle him with the heavy Le Crueset dutch oven pot, instead she grabbed the closest thing – the electric hand mixer which she plugged in and proceeded to stride towards him aiming carefully at his hair, beaters whirring. Etymology: rebel (revolt, defy) + kettle (pot or canister) Created by: remistram.

Powerfool: /pow-erh-fool/ After a powerfool conversation, Jeremy concluded that shoe shopping with Amber was more appealing than watching the baseball. Etymology: Power – the ability to influence others/strength.
Fool – a silly person/trick or deceive. Created by: fabdiva.

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