Hornicate: What’s with this chick?

DEFINITION: v. To sit in your car and repeatedly honk your horn, so that your passengers, who are waiting inside the house, know you are ready to go. n. A person who uses a car horn as an multi-purpose communication tool.

What's with this chick?

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Hornicate: /hor nuh cay t/ Amy was blatantly ignoring John’s hornication. She didn’t really want to go out with him, and it was fun to annoy the neighbors. Etymology: horn (beep beep!) + communicate (talk or convey a message) Created by: Biscotti.

Comments on Hornicate:

mweinmann, 2009-05-01: 11:40:00
seriously hilarious

Jabberwocky, 2009-05-01: 13:40:00
and if she lived in California it would be califohornication

Eightbhall, 2013-08-29: 09:28:00
Surely this is what a mommy rhino and a daddy rhino do when they love each other ver very much?

Honkvince: /rhymes with conkvince/ not only did Marty conkvince his family in the kitchen, from the warmth of his car he would honkvince them it was time to leave. Etymology: conkvince (a previous verbotomy this week) + honk Created by: petaj.

Aggravimpatient: /ag’re – im pa shent/ Don Juan couldn’t wait for no one, obviously his aggravimpatience, was getting the best of him, and probably to everyone else in earshot Etymology: aggravate + impatient Created by: DrWebsterIII.

Comments on Aggravimpatient:

hyperborean, 2009-05-03: 21:14:00
But he could wait for someone. Fierce!

Carmunicator: /kar mew nik ay tor/ The instalation of a novelty hooter in his car turned him from a carmunicator to a carmoonicator Etymology: communicator, car Created by: galwaywegian.

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