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'Santa won't come unless you clean up your desk!'

DEFINITION: v. To inspire and motivate people to do great things, by issuing petty threats. n. A kind and gentle threat.

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Created by: Flixst

Pronunciation: θre'sǝit

Sentence: I can't find any motivation if there's not someone threaciting me.

Etymology: threat + incite

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: torn-ta-lies

Sentence: the only way to get the job done in time was to tauntalize the team in to action

Etymology: taunt, tantalise

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Created by: celeron450

Pronunciation: Mo-tih-vay-tum

Sentence: With Bob loafing on the sofa, Janet issued a motivatum: "Take the trash out this instant or you'll be sleeping on that couch!"

Etymology: motivation, ultimatum

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Created by: costellogreg

Pronunciation: in-SPY-ro-rize

Sentence: "My mom wanted me to be valedictorian, so she inspirrorized me, saying she'd stop loving me if I ever got a 'B.'"

Etymology: Inspire + Terrorize

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Created by: IanArcher




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Created by: Nairock

Pronunciation: pair-ren-TALL-oh-gee

Sentence: Her children always do what she says due to her mastery of parentologistic threats.


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Created by: Wembler

Pronunciation: peh-tee-threaten

Sentence: Mother liked to petithreaten us to clean our rooms.

Etymology: Petite/Threaten

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Created by: chris

Pronunciation: benni-fret

Sentence: My great-aunt Sybil could benefreat like no-one else - especially where the terms of her will and her considerable fortune were concerned

Etymology: benefit + threat

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Created by: trer9




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Created by: arianell

Pronunciation: in-tuh-MA-nuh-mayt

Sentence: Sean's mother intimanimated him into finishing his homework by threatening to ban him from playing World of Warcraft on school nights.

Etymology: From the English "intimidate", meaning "to inspire or affect with fear", and the English "animate", meaning "to impart motion to".

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