Verboticism: Terragrub

'May I ask, what are you doing?'

DEFINITION: v., To drop food on the floor, then pick it up and eat it, before anyone else can say "it's too dirty". n., A tasty treat which has been accidentally dropped, then quickly salvaged and savored.

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Created by: Scrumpy

Pronunciation: tar-uh-gruhb

Sentence: Ken was enjoying his terragrub of spilled pudding until he scooped up somebodies old gum. He then experienced terregurgitation.

Etymology: terra (earth) + grub

Points: 773

Comments: Terragrub

Jabberwocky - 2007-10-11: 12:36:00
also a help around the house as a terragrubscrub

OZZIEBOB - 2007-10-11: 18:00:00
Real earthy stuff. Hilarious too!

OZZIEBOB - 2007-10-11: 18:26:00
PS: A bit more earthy stuff: I trying to come up with this verboticism, found an earthy, gritty Kentish dialect word, "sculch" referring to the unwholesome things children like to eat. I guess after teragrubbing and sculching some not so yumgum, it's terregurgitation that follows.