Verboticism: Butterflinger

'Oops! I accidentally shredded my ex-boyfriend'

DEFINITION: v. To fret and worry after the accidental trashing of an important document, file or friend. n. The state of anxiety caused by an accidental deletion.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /ˈbʌdɚˌflɪŋgɚ/

Sentence: I am not really a butterflinger; it's just that I first accidentally dropped an important file into the recycle bin, then clicked the "empty recycle bin" item while trying to open the bin to get it back, and finally panicked and clicked "yes" when my computer asked me if that was what I really wanted to do. It's really Microsoft's fault for making it so easy to permanently delete documents.

Etymology: from butter(fing)er + fling

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Comments: Butterflinger

ErWenn - 2008-03-05: 09:32:00
I tried to use one of those fancy pieces of software to recover the data from the hard drive, but I accidentally wrote zeros to every bit on the disk. Then I spilled corrosive acid and lighter fluid on it, set it on fire while trying to ascertain the damage with a candle, and mistakenly hit it with a sledgehammer 40 times.

ErWenn - 2008-03-05: 09:33:00
I actually did destroy a hard drive with a sledgehammer once, but that was on purpose.

Jabberwocky - 2008-03-05: 10:44:00
another migraine moment - I do like your word today

silveryaspen - 2008-03-05: 13:27:00
Luv butterflingers ... maybe because that's what mine are! It's a great one letter change to blend two words into a really funny, but very apt, exceptional verboticism! Outstanding!