Verboticism: Pradaddiction

'Did you really spend all our rent money on those shoes?'

DEFINITION: v. To compulsively shop for and buy shoes that are stylish, sexy and extremely uncomfortable. n. A person who has an uncontrolled, psychological dependency on impractical shoes.

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /pra-duh-DIK-shun/

Sentence: In order to combat her Pradaddiction, Carrie was sent to a rehab center where the patients were only allowed to wear Crocs, those cheap, ugly, plastic shoes. Luckily for her, after a few days, her co-dependant shopping buddies came up with a plan. They borrowed a utility van, smuggled her out of the rehab center and brought her straight to the mall downtown. 'No woman could ask for better friends,' thought Carrie, as rifled through her credit cards to find one that wasn't maxed-out.

Etymology: Prada - a well-known Italian fashion company; designer of clothing and shoes, commonly mentioned in S&TC (originally "Prada Brothers", founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan) + Addiction - complusive need characterized by obsessive behavior (from Latin, addictus "assigned, surrendered")

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Comments: Pradaddiction

Tigger - 2008-06-02: 03:27:00
BTW, I'm not in the 'fashion police' but I think those Crocs shoes are just about ugly enough to be banned in public... (check out:

Nosila - 2008-06-02: 23:28:00
I agree...they make everyone's fett look twice their size, in juicy colours!