Verboticism: Demomlish

'Why are you licking the wrapper?'

DEFINITION: v. tr., To secretly snap up and gobble down a small bit of food left on a dish, wrapping or pot. n., The small bits of tasty food, like melted cheese or veggies, that stick to food wrapping.

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Created by: astorey

Pronunciation: dee-mom--lish

Sentence: Amy never understood her mother's tendency to demomlish every scrap of food left on everyone's plate, including, one time, a spit-up-and-chewed-out tomato, to the horror of Amy and her siblings. Now, having kids of her own, Amy recognizes that being the human garbage disposal is part of the genetic coding of motherhood, and finds herself eaten goldfish saturated in apple juice for reasons she cannot entirely comprehend.

Etymology: Demolish combined with mom.

Points: 1100

Comments: Demomlish

metrohumanx - 2008-08-29: 07:42:00
Yessss- I concur.