Verboticism: Ineptitool

'Let me help you with that zipper'

DEFINITION: v. To insist on helping someone in spite of their repeated assurance that they have things well in hand, and already have their own remedies in mind. n. Unwanted help or assistance.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: in ept i TOOL

Sentence: Some people are, simply put, ineptitools when faced with the job of fixing things. Even easy jobs like doing laundry baffle the ineptitool - who uses detergent in the clothes dryer. Often the ineptitool makes a situation worse by getting in the way or simply spills the paint on the carpet.

Etymology: From: inept, ineptitude and tool. Often those who are easily manipulated are referred to as “tools”. Those who are ineptitool can’t use tools, nor be put to good use themselves.

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