Verboticism: Callrescyou

'The thing I love about internet dating...'

DEFINITION: v. To arrange with a friend to phone you with a "crisis" during a blind date, in case you need to make an emergency exit; n. A fake "emergency" phone call that is used to end a blind date.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: call res cue

Sentence: Deana and her close friend Diana arranged for Diana’s callrescyou if her blind date was a disasster. Diana’s signal that the date required intervention was simply to say ‘HELLo’ instead of ‘hi’.

Etymology: From CALL and RESCUE and YOU.

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Comments: Callrescyou

Nosila - 2009-07-09: 11:08:00
Your callrescyou is important to us...

splendiction - 2009-07-09: 11:10:00
thanks for your immediate response, but please hold the line...